Vh1 Twitter roundup & reviews

25 03 2009

I struck gold on Twitter the other day. Here are some of your favorite Vh1 “celebrity” twitters, at least what I could find. I am almost certain that this is not complete.

To be quite honest, I’m posting these here because it was driving me CRAZY to be following all these people on Twitter and have my feed clogged up with garbage from these people. I do love Vh1 and its associated characters but AGH. Stay on my TV, kthx.

Becky Buckwildhttp://twitter.com/BeckyBuckwild

This girl is one of my Vh1 favorites, and is surprisingly intelligible on the internet. Banters with the Entertainer frequently (are they still together?) ,  but twitters EXCESSIVELY. Maybe I just don’t love her enough to appreciate it. Also recently called Tailor Made a vaginaface. Tee hee.

Rating: 7/10

Brandi C. http://twitter.com/babybebe

Pretty much what you’d expect, nothing thrilling but has acceptable internet grammar/spelling. Loses points for being excited to buy Twilight on DVD.

Rating: 4/10

Prancer – http://twitter.com/PrancersWorld

Sweet girl, one of my favorites from that horrible third season of Flavor of Love. But HOLY SHIT. her twitter is annoying and shitty. Admits to watching Toddlers and Tiaras, and nearly all her tweets are brief and worthless (ex. “watching oprah”). Like her on TV, hate her on the internet.

Rating: 2/10


Most of her recent tweets are in all caps, but what else do you expect from this girl. She does acknowledge that she looks trashy (and loves it) and talks about going it for some Botox, so she’s not deluded or anything. Gets points for being good old Frenchy.

Rating: 4/10

Frank the Entertainer http://twitter.com/TheEntertainer1

Sounds like a typical dude living in his parents’ basement, but that’s good because he has plenty of time to reply to people on Twitter. Has a shitty twitter pic. Nothing special or unexpected.

Rating: 5/10

Leilene – http://twitter.com/leilene

Twitters every few days, talks about sex a lot. Whatever.

Rating: 3/10


Grammar is atrocious and typically internetty. Huge tits, as always.

Rating: 3/10

It – http://twitter.com/itfromiluvmoney

Updated a bunch of times a few days ago when he made his twitter and will probably never use it again, but gets big points for his latest clarification tweet: “i did not fuck saaphyri up the ass”

Rating: 8/10

New York http://twitter.com/TIFNYPOLLARD

The original HBIC, made her twitter after someone else beat her to it with a fake one. Just like Shaq! But definitely not as good as Shaq’s twitter, as if anything could ever be. Has potential.

Rating: 7/10

OKAY ENOUGH OF THIS SHIT, here’s the rest sans full reviews because I’m too lazy for this crap

Tailor Made – http://twitter.com/Tailormadevh1

Rating: 6/10

Corn Fed – http://twitter.com/vh1sCornfed

Rating: 5/10

Myammee – http://twitter.com/Myammee_pitts

Rating: 6/10

Bootz – http://twitter.com/larissabootz

Rating: 3/10

Ki Kihttp://twitter.com/kikivh1

Rating: 4/10

More as I find them. ENJOY!