21 02 2009


Megan Hauserman, immortalized in tattoo form. Here is this guy’s myspace. He’s gay, so I thought for a second that it made this a little less creepy. But that’s not true at all. There is no way to make it less creepy, unless maybe if Megan tattooed this on her own arm. That would just be hilarious.


Rock of Love Charm School, The Finale: Brandi M. is the winner, Megan continues to be hilarious

24 12 2008

I don’t have a lot to say about the Rock of Love Charm School finale. Brandi M. won, and I’m just glad it wasn’t Lacey.

The highlight of this show was most certainly Megan coming back to assist Brandi M. in her final challenge. Brandi C. and Heather were also there, but didn’t make much of a stir.


She was useless as ever, suggesting that Brandi M. dress up as a homeless person (for their challenge of collecting donations for the homeless), drinking champagne and prancing about in a skanky outfit. Oh, it was great. Her attempts to sabotage Brandi M.’s challenge failed, but it was great while it lasted.


I just can’t bring myself to write up a whole recap for this episode. A bunch of stuff happened, I didn’t pay a ton of attention, and all I really want is to watch the reunion episode and Rock of Love Bus. But congratulations to Brandi M. Maybe now people will know her for more than that hilarious barfing scene from the first season of Rock of Love. But I will never forget.


Trophy Wife: Megan Hauserman gets her own show

7 12 2008

Megan Hauserman

You know Megan Hauserman from Beauty and the Geek, Rock of Love 2, I Love Money, and Rock of Love: Charm School. Now casting has begun for her very own Vh1 show, Trophy Wife.

I have been watching Megan since Beauty and the Geek and I’ve grown a bit attached, so I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t totally psyched about this. She does seem like a manipulative sociopath at times, but think about it — we wouldn’t watch these shows if they were full of nice, mentally normal people.  Megan is a crazy bitch, and that’s why we love her. Right?!


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