Rock of Love Bus reunion show – Gia and Nikki are sober

19 04 2009

You heard in on tonight’s Rock of Love Bus reunion: Gia and Nikki are sober now. If you don’t recall, these are the two lovely ladies responsible for VaginaShot 2009. While this is great for them and probably ideal for society at large, this is pretty unfortunate for entertainment reasons.


Oh, and is Bret still with Taya? I don’t know because I stopped paying attention. What a shitty Rock of Love season.
Godspeed, Daisy of Love.


Rock of Love Bus Episode 6: A giant corn dog!

18 02 2009


Seriously, just look at that thing.

The girls had the annual Mud Bowl this episode. Mindy won the title of MVP and got the prize of a giant corndog and fucking Bret Michaels. I know which one I’d rather have.

Brittanya and her cute cheek piercings barely escaped elimination this episode, and Bret eliminated Jenny because her dad just died and her soul is fragile. Or something. Jenny is one of the new girls that nobody had begun to care about yet, so I don’t think anyone cares about this.

Hate to say it, but this show is getting pretty lame. I’ve mentioned this before, but really. REALLY. I don’t know what happened. It has so much potential. Come back to me, Rock of Love Bus!

I Love Money 2, and some tidbits.

12 02 2009

I am really loving ILM2 so far. Maybe it’s because Rock of Love Bus is seemingly getting lame. Brief observations:

  • Leilene is doing what she knows she’s good at (being slutty, but lovable).
  • Buckwild is seriously into this game. She knows all the rules. Girl has studied up.
  • The Entertainer is still hilariously insane.
  • Buddha is pretentious but I still love him and hope he doesn’t get screwed out of a place on the show.
  • I love Buddha and the Entertainer equally.

Onix was eliminated in this week’s episode, and that’s okay because I was never attached to him in the first place.


Rock of Love Bus episode #whatever: Wait, so does Natasha have a dick or what?

8 02 2009

So? Does she?


You see, the tutu hides the bulge.

This episode, Bret eliminated Natasha in part because Ashley planted the seed in his head that maybe she’s really a dude. Evidence presented: 1) Looks like a man, 2) Talks like a man, 3) Only wears tutus (to hide the bulge!). He almost asked her, but decided it was too awkward and took the pussy way out. Oh Bret.

But I still gotta know: What’s under that tutu?

Also three new girls were added to the show, and it was not as exciting as it should have been. This season is rapidly losing charm.

Shawn shits his pants, Brittaney Starr eliminated, Real Chance special!

19 01 2009

I am totally inept at keeping up with this website in a timely fashion, but I just have to say that Tool Academy‘s Shawn brought one of the most hilarious twists ever to this show. Ahahaha. The guy who wears that dumb cowboy hat got eliminated, I don’t remember his name but whatever.


Brittaney Starr was eliminated from Rock of Love Bus, and that’s okay. I still don’t know why they called her Jasmineva pre-show.


And in really good news, there will be a Real Chance of Love Behind the Scenes special on Vh1 this Wednesday, January 21 at 9 p.m. This is awesome because it probably means this show did well enough ratings-wise to have more Real and Chance shows in the future. I want a My Fair Brady-style show featuring Real and Corn Fed. Also Chance needs to find love too, damn it. Do you hear me Vh1?!?!

Sharon vs. Megan! Also, Rock of Love Bus is drunker than ever.

9 01 2009

So I guess part of the big news from last weekend was Sharon’s fight with Megan on the Rock of Love Charm School reunion. Here’s a video if you missed out:

There is probably a bit more to this fight that we didn’t see, since Megan actually ended up in the hospital afterward. Maybe she was just being a bit over dramatic about it, but I think her story holds some weight — you can see that her hair is pretty wrecked as she’s pulled away from the fight, and the camera cuts to a wide shot with security all over them before we really know what’s going on. It should be noted that, ironically, Sharon eliminated Megan from Charm School for being violent.  Oh ho ho.

In other news, Rock of Love Bus premiered last Sunday night and it exceeded all my expectations. These girls were so drunk and so slutty, my head almost exploded. I am not going to write a full recap of this episode because it was a sea of women and I barely know who’s who yet. However, I feel it’s worth mentioning that Nikki did a shot out of Gia’s vagina. Really. A pussy shot. That’s right.

Eliminated from the first episode of Rock of Love Bus:


From left to right: Heather (not slutty enough), Gia (too slutty), Stephanie (not slutty enough), Nikki (too slutty), and Marci (who?)

Although we may have lost the drunkest and sluttiest, don’t worry! There is still plenty of drunken sluttiness left. But, oh, how I’ll miss Nikki.


Rock of Love Bus trailer

11 12 2008

Vh1 put up a trailer for the upcoming Rock of Love Bus on their website today, which you can view here. I just found out I can’t embed videos, and it’s annoying the shit out of me. If you’re interested, my previous posts about this show include pictures of all the girls and links to most of their myspace pages.

By the way, a new episode of Celebrity Rehab is on tonight at 10 p.m., and I encourage you to watch — the last episode ended with Seth “Shifty” Binzer smoking crack on the roof of the rehab center, with two gerbils and a big gulp. Don’t you want to know where this is going?!