It is an idiot savant

28 04 2009


I Love Money has been a great show so far, and the previews for next week have me very excited for It’s secret genius to finally emerge. OH SHIT.

Equally relevant — Tailor Made and It have created a mini-show on Youtube called The Odd Couple. Here’s their first episode, Tailor Made goes to the Hood. Pretty great so far. Hey Vh1! You know what to do with this.


I Love Money 2, and some tidbits.

12 02 2009

I am really loving ILM2 so far. Maybe it’s because Rock of Love Bus is seemingly getting lame. Brief observations:

  • Leilene is doing what she knows she’s good at (being slutty, but lovable).
  • Buckwild is seriously into this game. She knows all the rules. Girl has studied up.
  • The Entertainer is still hilariously insane.
  • Buddha is pretentious but I still love him and hope he doesn’t get screwed out of a place on the show.
  • I love Buddha and the Entertainer equally.

Onix was eliminated in this week’s episode, and that’s okay because I was never attached to him in the first place.



2 02 2009

Life is getting in the way of this blog lately, but don’t forget: I Love Money 2 premieres tonight at 9 p.m. Don’t miss it, shit’s gonna be epic.

Watch the trailer:

I Love Money 2, new premiere date

16 12 2008

Vh1 has corrected their previously reported erroneous premiere date (January 26) for I Love Money 2.

The show will actually premiere on Monday, February 2, 2009.


Look how happy they are!

Also, I juuuust got around to seeing the latest Real Chance of Love (wow) and I’ll have a recap up in a couple days. Hint: Bay Bay Bay did not suck Chance’s dick. I am terribly disappointed.


12 12 2008

The last three members of the cast of I Love Money 2 were revealed today, and they are so incredibly worthless that they’re not worth their own post. I’m presenting them here along with everyone else that has already been revealed. Trust me, it’s better that way.

I Love Money 2

I Love Money 2 premieres on January 26th.

All 19 contestants of I Love Money 2

I Love Money 2, Day 4 reveal

11 12 2008

You know the drill. Here’s FIVE new castmembers of I Love Money 2, as revealed by Vh1.

There will be 19 in total, so the last 3 will be revealed tomorrow.

The “New Girls”

I Love Money 2 contestants, Day 3

10 12 2008

“The Hunks”, says the the official Vh1 blog.

At first, I was skeptical of this group. But then! I had a flash of this:


Recognize this awesome dude? Don’t feel bad, I didn’t either. Too many happy memories of I Love New York have been lost in the folds of time.

Maybe this will help you remember.