Rock of Love Bus reunion show – Gia and Nikki are sober

19 04 2009

You heard in on tonight’s Rock of Love Bus reunion: Gia and Nikki are sober now. If you don’t recall, these are the two lovely ladies responsible for VaginaShot 2009. While this is great for them and probably ideal for society at large, this is pretty unfortunate for entertainment reasons.


Oh, and is Bret still with Taya? I don’t know because I stopped paying attention. What a shitty Rock of Love season.
Godspeed, Daisy of Love.


This is Important: Daisy of Love supertrailer.

18 04 2009

Check out this 5 minute preview of Daisy of Love and just try and tell me it doesn’t look awesome. JUST TRY.

Rock of Love Bus was unfortunately terrible, but I really think this show is going to be the kind of ridiculous garbage that Vh1 needs to be working on for serious funnies. Even Riki Rachtman thinks this is going to be the best ever, and I hope he would know.

Daisy of Love is set to premiere on Sunday, April 26, 9 p.m.

Daisy of Love cast announced

15 03 2009

So Vh1 has announced the cast of Daisy of Love, and HOLY SHIT, could they look any douchebaggier?

Choice picks:





12 Pack! YES, 12 PACK!

12 Pack! YES, 12 PACK!

At least now I know 12 Pack has taste. I admit it, I love Daisy. Be sure to check out all the other contestants, including the hilarious Swedish triplets. Daisy of Love premieres on April 26, 2009.