Shawn shits his pants, Brittaney Starr eliminated, Real Chance special!

19 01 2009

I am totally inept at keeping up with this website in a timely fashion, but I just have to say that Tool Academy‘s Shawn brought one of the most hilarious twists ever to this show. Ahahaha. The guy who wears that dumb cowboy hat got eliminated, I don’t remember his name but whatever.


Brittaney Starr was eliminated from Rock of Love Bus, and that’s okay. I still don’t know why they called her Jasmineva pre-show.


And in really good news, there will be a Real Chance of Love Behind the Scenes special on Vh1 this Wednesday, January 21 at 9 p.m. This is awesome because it probably means this show did well enough ratings-wise to have more Real and Chance shows in the future. I want a My Fair Brady-style show featuring Real and Corn Fed. Also Chance needs to find love too, damn it. Do you hear me Vh1?!?!




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28 01 2009
yo ho ho

keep up with your website in a timely manner

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