Real Chance of Love, Episode 10: Dick suckin’ continued.

3 01 2009

The pre-finale party! This episode was thrilling. The conclusion to the dick-sucking debacle, a DOUBLE elimination, and Chance sees a squirrel. I’m going to experiment with my recap format, so bear with me.

I need to mention first that I was home with my family for the holidays while I watched this episode, and actually watched it with my dad. I’m pretty sure I’m an embarrassment to my family now. Does my dad know what “MILF” means? I don’t want to know.

Milf: OUT
Milf and Risky burst into Real and Chance’s room to scream about how someone sucked someone’s dick. Or maybe no one sucked any dicks at all! Real and Milf are hugging by the end of it, so maybe she’s safe. Nope.


I’m crying too, Milf. I mean, Ahmo!

Chance’s Meet-the-Parents date
This was so awesome. Chance, his parents and his ladies ride up a mountain or something and Chance is shitting his pants the whole time because he’s scared of heights. Then at dinner, he is distracted by a squirrel. Oh, Chance.

Rabbit tells Mom that Risky’s brother is in prison right now. OH NO YOU DIDN’T. To be fair, Mom did ask what Risky’s family is like. This is great for Bay Bay Bay, as now she has something to scream about now that Milf is gone. Risky is also pissed, but certainly more dignified about it. Rabbit’s brief past with Real is also brought up, while she continues to claim that she was an unwilling participant in the kiss they shared. Girl, you know that was on video.

Rabbit’s OUT!
Aw. After some deliberation with the parents, mom deciding that Risky might be too “ghetto” and Rabbit reiterating constantly that she is a very classy lady, Rabbit is ultimately sent home. Poor girl, but we all saw this coming. Cali and Risky are right up Chance’s alley.

Man, I sure wish Bay Bay Bay had gone home instead of Milf. The finale will take place in PUERTO RICO!


If things go as I wish, Risky and Corn Fed will win their respective men! I mean, Cali’s cool too. Honestly, I just want to see Bay Bay Bay get dumped.

The Real Chance of Love finale will be on Monday, January 12 at 9 p.m. Good luck, ladies.




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5 01 2009

I’m LOLin’ about the fact that you watched this episode with your dad. I hope he took it well. On a related note, I watched The 40 Year Old Virgin with my grandpa this Hanukkah.

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