Real Chance of Love, Episode 8: Of COURSE it was a setup.

10 12 2008

Real and Chance fighting a dude in a club? Staged. Don’t get my hopes up like that!

Bay Bay Bay and Risky win the challenge by not admitting anything to the police while being interrogated. Right on, girls. Also, Risky finally does something of notice. She handled that like a damn pro. KO totally ruins Bay Bay Bay’s ensuing Real-time by throwing a hissyfit and threatening to leave the house. In case you were wondering, she still sounds like an elephant when she gets upset. Real talks her down and she eventually decides to stay. How can you say no to that mane?


Seriously, his hair is amazing.

Bay Bay Bay and Risky go on their dates, at the store of that same t-shirt guy the Charm School girls designed for this week. I will not look up his name.

Some stuff happens. Chance eliminates nobody! Good thing, too — he’s almost out of girls. Corn Fed gets Real’s first chain, followed by Milf and Bay Bay Bay. KO is eliminated because of the previous day’s freakout, and because she sounds like a rhino when she’s crying and talking.

Nah, he didn’t say that last part.


I kinda liked her. Oh well.

Next week: Meeting the Stallionaires’ parents! This is always the best part of these shows. These people have parents? I forget they’re real sometimes.




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